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The Collins Park Hotel in Miami Beach, designed by Henry Hohauser in 1939, features undulating, wave-like walls and Nautical Moderne porthole windows, as befitting a seaside resort town. I made this image in the early 1990s; the building was later gutted by fire.  This Streamline Moderne classic was built in 1948 by the Parmount Dining Car Company in New Jersey and served traditional American food in provincial Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania for 44 years -- until 1992, when three young entrepreneurs moved the stainless steel and glass brick structure to South Beach and reopened it there with great success as the 11th Street Diner. An Art Deco door treatment on a private home in Miami Beach features a Nautical Moderne-style porthole window.  Art Deo door, Miami Beach           A whimsical octapus on a post-modern, South Beach townhouse continues Miami's decoated doorway tradition in 21st century style