Caption: Boquerones

Boquerones Paté Lobster sauce, noodles, shrimp, brocolli, and Chinese sausage at The American Noodle Bar in Miami   Drink at The Villa by Barton G at the Versace mansion, South Beach, Miami Beach Thai green papaya salad Chive and shrimp dumplings Warm Spinach Salad   Whole fried snapper with rice White chocolate mousse, toybox tomato, raspberry maringue with lemon rose sorbet    Cherry pie a la mode   Fried green tomato and arepa  Strozzapreti with seafood ragou, broccolini and saffron Chacouterie board including, clockwise from the board handle: vegetables jardine; spicey sopresatta;  fennel salami; coppa; chorizo, beef bresaola; and duck proscuitto -- plus pieces of pears cooked in mustard and sugar and served in a little ramekin An amazing dessert: "Chocolate G-Cuzzi" at Barton G the Restaurant in Miami Breach  includes a melted dark chocolate fondue with ice cream bites, fresh fruit, and assorted dippables, served in a mini-bathrub with bubble-bath bubbles coming out of a bubble machine! Chef de Cuisisne David Thomas grinds pepper onto the  Caprese salad Orecchiette at Bocce Bar Turkey Burger Guaco Taco Ices at the Florida Snow Factory, D'Lites, Ft. Lauderdale Grilled salmon with baby corn and summer vegetables -served as "Courtney's Summer Salmon at Barton G The Restaurant in Miami Beach Carne asada fajitas