Caption: Orecchiette at Bocce Bar

Keywords: Miami food photographer, Florida Food Photographer

Orecchiette at Bocce Bar Chacouterie board including, clockwise from the board handle: vegetables jardine; spicey sopresatta;  fennel salami; coppa; chorizo, beef bresaola; and duck proscuitto -- plus pieces of pears cooked in mustard and sugar and served in a little ramekin Lobster sauce, noodles, shrimp, brocolli, and Chinese sausage at The American Noodle Bar in Miami      Artichoke pizza at Thea's Guaco Taco Octopus Bunet -- chocolate and amaretto flan with caramel sauce  -- by Nicola  Matzo ball soup @ Josh's Deli, Surfside, Florida  Turkey Burger Chocolate mousse Grilled salmon with baby corn and summer vegetables -served as "Courtney's Summer Salmon at Barton G The Restaurant in Miami Beach Ices at the Florida Snow Factory, D'Lites, Ft. Lauderdale Carne asada fajitas Melanzana